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SEH Education & Migration

How can we help you?

 We can guide you to realise your plans and dreams  through the most appropiate pathway. Because we are education and migration agents we can provide you with a real perspective of what is possible to achieve and what is not.

If you want to study

We can assist you with your course selection, required documentation, and visa process including application. We will explain to you each one of these steps and the best way to achieve a favourable outcome.With offices in Sydney, we are available once you arrive in Australia to assist and provide ongoing support in making the transition to living in Australia. 

We can offer you  English Courses, High School, Vocational Educational Training, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Master and PhD.

If you want to migrate

In our interview we will let you know what are the most recent regulations that will support your application. Based on our expert knowledge of Australian migration law and regulations, we will tailor our advice to best suit your needs, taking your individual circumstances into account to ensure the most favourable outcome.

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