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10 Reasons to choose Australia

You can work legally

One of the most important things is that you can legally work 20 hours per week while you study (or 40 hours every 2-weeks). On holidays you can work up to 40 hours per week. The minimum casual wage is approximately $22 per hour for waiters, one of the most common jobs for students. 


Australia is a sun-blessed country. Temperatures vary between cities - Sydney has an average temperature of 26°C in summer and 16°C in winter. 

Student Wellbeing

Your wellbeing is very important for the Australian Government and the education institutions. You can find student services provided by your college or university that can offer help and advice if you have any difficulties during your stay. Typical services include counseling, advice for your resume, professional development, arranging conversation groups, advice for your selected courses, and advice for achieveing a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention the large number of groups (clubs and societies) where you can share your hobbies and interests such as food, music, movies, religion, language, fashion and many others.


Australia is renowned for its safety and you can't help but notice it when walking around the streets. Sydney and Melbourne are two of the safest cities in the world ranking 6th and 9th respectively, in the areas of personal security, infrastructure, health and cyber security (The Economist).

Public Transport

Public transport is very encouraged in Australia, with train, bus and tram services within the major cities. Travelling by bicycle is also on the rise, with many inner city suburbs providing dedicated bicycle lanes. 

Variety of Food

The variety of authentic food that you will find is huge and delicious! As Australia is so diverse there are so many food options from all over the world.


As a multicultural country, tolerance and respect of each others' differences is intrinsic to the values ​​of society. Diversity is what makes this country a great and unique place in the world to study and live.


While you're on this side of the globe, you can take advantage of the nearby countries and travel to Asia, the Philippines, Fiji, Indonesia, and New Zealand. Or you can just spend your time travelling the huge continent of Australia.


You will meet many people from all over the world! While you are living in Australia you will realize that it is a country of immigrants, so your experience in whatever you do will always be MULTICULTURAL!

Quality of Life

Australia gives you a quality of life that cannot be matched in many countries around the world. Sydney and Melbourne consistently rank in the top 5 Most Liveable Cities for more than one reason. To begin with there is amazing air quality, beautiful weather, access to delicious and diverse food, opportunities to work for a fair wage, and so many more. The rest you will have to see for yourself...

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